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Timestamp: 1368143464

I want to do something similar to this the next time I dye my hair.

(via dysexila)

Timestamp: 1333466531

Not as cute of a photo but it shows how far back my head is shaved & bleached.
It should be noted that my head was only supposed to be shaved to 3/8ths of an inch as that is what I normally do, but I made a mistake when cleaning up the edges & had to go shorter.

Timestamp: 1302847856

A really blurry but cute picture of my new hair. Its bleached & shaved to 1/8ths of an inch on both sides. Its halfway between a mohawk & an undercut.

Also - my nose looks abnormally large in this photo. Its really not that big. Haha. Just some weird trick of the light.

Timestamp: 1302847500