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This literally NEVER gets old.


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Alice Lin

Black Fairy.

Pencil on paper


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Day 26 of 100: Today’s happy moment was a bit of self care which involved me using my brand new face & body wash from Lush. I picked it up yesterday because my pores have been really clogged lately & the stuff I was using didn’t really work for my skin. This stuff smells amazing & leaves my skin feeling baby soft. My pores looked so much smaller when I was done & I could see where the almond grounds had pulled the grime to surface. As long as I keep up with this on a daily basis, my skin should be clear & smooth in no time. Also, I couldn’t resist taking some silly selfies.

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What happens when you leave your eyeliner in the same room as your boyfriend and your son? This retarded shit is what I walked in on. #stache #chesthair #manlyman #mylifebelike #wow (at Pimp HQ)

I don’t think I can even explain how much I miss Lokii. Also, I love how he couldn’t just stop at the mustache - there had to be chest hair as well. I need to see these members of my chosen family soon.

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Day 25 of 100: So glad to finally be caught up with my posts & also surprised that I am a quarter of the way done with this challenge.

Today was pretty decent - nothing special but not a bad day by any means. I woke up pretty early & played my 3DS a bit before my 1pm appointment for the work program I need to attend to qualify for SNAP/GA benefits. Then, went to that meeting which was annoying because we had to stay there for an hour just to find out that we needed to apply to five jobs a week & bring that paperwork in once a week. We did get paperwork with resources for finding job openings but this was all stuff I knew already. My problem isn’t finding a job, its finding a job that pays more than my unemployment & will pay the bills. After that, I stopped at the mall because I needed face wash from Lush (my skin has been pretty bad). I also picked up a Dragon’s Egg bath bomb, as well as a black beanie & compact mirror from Hot Topic. I picked up the boyfriend from work & headed home to fill out applications online.

My happy moment was sitting & enjoying a warm cuppa tea with quality Killer Bee Honey while taking a break from applying for jobs. I used my disappearing TARDIS mug, which was a Christmas present from one of my closest friends. When I am home, it is really these simple things that make all the difference.

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Day 24 of 100 (April 20, 2014): Unfortunately, Sunday was our last day at the campgrounds. The first thing I did that morning was good bacon & eggs for everyone while enjoying an outstanding cup of french pressed coffee. I spent a good chunk of our last day walking around with my best friend, Kira (daydreamingday), taking pictures. That was probably the happiest moment but once again this was a day that was almost entirely pleasant. I will post the interesting pictures later (likely on my photography blog amarisskyephotography) but these are mine & Alexis tent, Kira & Mike’s tent, & our set up around the fire pit.

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Day 23 of 100 (April 19, 2014): This day was incredible from start to finish but my favorite moments of the day had to have been when we went up for a tour of the Lakota Wolf Preserve & saw the wolves, foxes, & bobcats. The wolf grabbing a snack is named Khaleesi, which is why this is the specific photo I chose to use. I will definitely post more photos from this weekend.

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Day 22 of 100 (April 18, 2014): This was the first night we were out camping. The day was stressful because we had a bunch of errands to run before we had to leave & nothing seemed to be going right. Once we go to Camp Taylor though, we were much more at ease. Despite not being able to really get a fire going (those big logs would not catch) & it being frigid even in our tent, I was blissful just being out in nature & away from my daily life.

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repeat after me

if a bi, pan, or asexual person dates someone of the opposite gender


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