This looks like something I could imagine naturephiliashop getting.

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Stanwell Silke Brun

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i’ve been thinking about making this forever cause it sums up my life, and how i feel being a genderfluid person, thinking im mighty fine but in reality i look like a was asleep 30 yrs 

Oh my goodness I feel like my life has been explained to me

I’m an Androgyne which isn’t exactly genderfluid but I have days were I try look more femme or more masculine depending on what suits me in the moment. This is still undeniably true though.

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I want to fall in love with the sound of your voice as you lean in close and tell me I’m beautiful. I want to fall in love with the way that you wrap your arms around me and make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.

Change girl to person & this is perfect

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I need more stockings & garters in my life.

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