I am out camping so I won’t be posting 100 happy days pictures until Sunday night. Have a great weekend, followers.


"The Birth Of Suburbia"

 Rosaleen Ryan, 2012

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Hand Knit Leaf Coasters via The Dark Sheep on Etsy. 

These coasters are so lovely. I got to see them in person & touch them. Being a tactile person, I love the idea of having coasters that can double as something I can hold & fiddle with while having a conversation. Plus, what a great conversational piece. Perfect for any nature lover or yarn lover.

Reblogging these again because they are amazing & it seems fitting considering I am leaving to go camping today.

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Day 21 of 100: Today was extremely exhausting but productive. I had my initial interview for SNAP & GA, got my unemployment reactivated, went to therapy, took the dog to her training with Alexis & finalized planning for our camping trip this weekend.

The happiest moments were the dog training lesson (which I didn’t have my camera for) & making our packing/food list for our camping trip. Arya’s training was great because she is doing so well at her class & learning really fast. I am so proud of her progress. Making the list for the camping trip was enjoyable because I really enjoy making lists & organizing information & also because it was getting me pumped for our trip.

Even though there were moments where I said today was the worst day ever because of how exhausted I was & how much pain I was in, ultimately it was a happy day because I was uber productive & had these enjoyable moments.

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Beth Cavener Stichter

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Watercolor rose tattoo done by,. Myke Clifton at Epic Ink in Auburn, IN

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Mouse and flower.

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Androgynous lesbian surrounded by books. Yes, please.

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mmmm. old books.

I need this candle. I love the smell of old books. I think knucklesandpi would be interested in this, too.
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